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Has Your Nursing Career Veered Off Track?


Signs You"re in the Burnout Zone
According to the Mayo Clinic, workers in the helping professions are most at risk for burnout. Irritability on the job and a sense of hopelessness about work are the classic hallmarks of burnout.
A nurse"s greatest strength ... a caring nature ... can also be his or her greatest downfall. Most nurses get into this profession because they care deeply for others; by the same token, they may care deeply what others think of them. But if you"re not careful, your caring personality can cause you to become unglued in this industry. Some nurses are tough and unflappable, remaining unfazed by a doctor"s brusque remark or hectic schedules. These resolute nurses are not as at risk for burnout as the ones who are sensitive.
Occasionally nurses are able to shake the burnout with some easy steps. They visit their Employee Assistance Center for help, or seek support from coworkers. Some reduce hours while others change departments. But what if you have tried these solutions and they"re just not enough?
It doesn"t matter how you got to this point in your career. Maybe you went into nursing without realizing the mental stress you would face every day. Maybe the paperwork and avalanche of red tape has fried you. Who knew you"d have to do the work of three people because of chronic understaffing? 
What does matter is that you have a choice. You can do what is euphemistically termed "DSD- ... that is, "Do Something Different.-
Einstein"s "Theory of Insanity-
Take a friendly word of caution from everyone"s favorite physicist: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.- As Einstein would agree, it"s time for you to DSD if you"re crumbling in your current job, and you cannot remember why you entered this profession in the first place. The universe is trying to tell you to make a change and turn off Burnout Lane.
When in the throes of Inconsolable Job Depression, it is hard to make decisions, but you must. Consider exactly you want out of your career ... this is the key in finding your new nursing path. Are you looking for a less stressful environment? Is less chaos and more quiet your goal? Do you need something better suited to your personality? This is an opportunity to nurse yourself back to mental health. 
Your DSD Prescription: Get Control of Your Career
Whether a Bachelor"s or Master"s, a nursing degree can be parlayed into the job you want. Below are some out-of-the-box jobs that can offer stressed nurses less strain but big rewards:
Childbirth Instructor
Nurse Legal Consultant
Corporate Wellness Coordinator
Visiting Nurse
Drug Testing Nurse (Blood/Urine)
Menopause Counselor
Lactation Consultant
Occupational Health Care Nurse
Nurse midwife
One of these jobs is bound to give you your life back. Now, get started and DSD!


By Chris Navarro
Get Nursing Jobs, Contributing Editor

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